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Underwater ship maintenance and repair

SCAMP’s cost effective solutions are targeted at saving bunker fuels and optimising the operating performance of your ships.

Hull cleaning

Our expert divers use approved and patented hull cleaning machines that are globally recognised as the most effective way to regenerate performance and service speed. Our advanced cleaning techniques and equipment ensure there is no damage to the most delicate of anti-fouling systems, including silicone and other soft-coated paints. SCAMP is also 100% committed to protecting the marine environment and has developed a unique approach to hull cleaning that ensures minimal ecological impact.

Our tried and tested hull cleaning machinery adheres to the hull with intense suction created by its central impeller, this in turn also directs fouling through its impeller tunnel, destroying harmful invasive marine species. The debris is then converted into a fine inactive residue and returned safely to the sea. On major submerged hull areas, this method limits the impact to the local marine environment and allows our expert divers to reduce cleaning times significantly. With these benefits, SCAMP’s hull cleaning service is notably more efficient and practical than a debris collecting system.

Scamp also has ROV equipment available, which can be deployed in particular port facilities as required.

Inspections and surveys

In addition to hull cleaning, we offer an inspections and surveys service, with expert divers and technicians performing hull inspections and surveys backed by full CCTV and DVD footage. These inspections are used to provide technical reports containing a detailed assessment on the hull’s general condition as well as the state of the paint coating, cathodic protection and any damage to steel surface and appendages.

Propeller polishing

SCAMP also offers propeller polishing, which reduces propeller surface roughness to a Rubert’s comparator’s scale A. Performed regularly, this improves thrust, reduces drag and delivers optimum hydro-efficiency. Our teams can also repair propeller damage and surface erosion, which reduces stress on your vessel’s propeller shaft and engine.

Underwater repairs

Our expert teams use the most up-to-date technology and advanced techniques to meet any underwater engineering challenge. Our success in this field, makes SCAMP a leader in the underwater welding of hull cracks, and patching or replacing steel plate sections. Other services include replacing wasted zinc anodes, sealing stern glands, blanking sea water inlets to allow for internal repairs, plus cropping and balancing damaged propellers.

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